Are you sick and weary of Pokemon Go losing to Dark-type Pokemon? I’ve got you covered, so don’t worry! I’ll discuss which Pokemon and moves are useful against Dark-type Pokemon in this article. You’ll have the upper hand in combat if you are aware of their advantages and disadvantages.

 I’ll also offer advice on how to employ your chosen Pokemon and techniques against Dark-type Pokemon.

Types of Pokemon Effective Against Dark Pokemon

There are a few types of Pokemon that are particularly effective against Dark-type Pokemon. These include:

Fighting-type Pokemon

  • Fighting-type Pokemon deal super effective damage to Dark-type Pokemon.
  • They are also immune to Dark-type moves.

Bug-type Pokemon

  • Bug-type Pokemon are also effective against Dark-type Pokemon, dealing double damage to them.
  • However, they are weak to Dark-type moves.

Fairy-type Pokemon

  • Fairy-type Pokemon deal super effective damage to Dark-type Pokemon.
  • They are also immune to Dragon-type moves, which Dark-type Pokemon often use.

Moves Effective Against Dark Pokemon

In addition to certain types of Pokemon, there are also specific moves that are particularly effective against Dark-type Pokemon. These include:

Fighting-type moves

  • Fighting-type moves are super effective against Dark-type Pokemon. This is because they are made up of physical attacks that can take advantage of the weaker defense stats of Dark-type Pokemon.
    Here’s an example of fighting-type moves
    • Close Combat,
    • Submission,
    • Brick Break,
    • Low Sweep and Focus Punch.

You can also use other moves such as Rock Slide and Flying Press. They also have a Fighting-type effect and can be used against Dark-type Pokemon successfully.

  • Some notable Fighting-type moves include Close Combat, Dynamic Punch, and Focus Blast.

Using Fighting-type moves against Dark-type Pokemon is an effective strategy. You can easily defeat even the toughest Dark types by using the right combination of these moves!

Bug-type moves

  • Bug-type moves are also super effective against Dark-type Pokemon.
  • Some notable Bug-type moves include Megahorn, X-Scissor, and Bug Buzz.

Fairy-type moves

  • Fairy-type moves are super effective against Dark-type Pokemon.
  • Some notable Fairy-type moves include Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, and Play Rough.

Examples of Pokemon Effective Against Dark Pokemon

Here are a few examples of Pokemon that are particularly effective against Dark-type Pokemon:

1. Machamp

Machamp ready for fight
Machamp ready for fight
  • Machamp is a Fighting-type Pokemon with high Attack and HP stats.
  • Its Fighting-type moves, like Dynamic Punch and Cross Chop, deal super effective damage to Dark-type Pokemon.

Machamp is a powerful and popular Pokemon. With its impressive muscular build and four powerful arms, Machamp is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Its body is covered in dark gray fur, and its arms are adorned with thick, purple veins that pulsate with power.

But looks aren’t everything.

Machamp’s real strength lies in its move set. Some of Machamp’s best attacks include Cross Chop, Dynamic Punch, and Close Combat.

Cross Chop is a Fighting-type move that deals massive damage to opponents. For me this the best attack which is very effective against dark Pokemon.

Dynamic Punch is another powerful attack, that can hit multiple times.

Close Combat is Fighting-type move that delivers a powerful blow that can lower the user’s defense. You can use this attack as a part of your fighting strategy.

Machamp also has a number of strengths and weaknesses. Here is a summary with both of them:

High attack statVulnerable to Psychic-type moves
Good staminaWeak to Flying-type moves
Resistant to Rock-type movesVulnerable to Fairy-type moves
Strong against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark-type PokemonWeak to Ghost-type moves

Overall, Machamp is a nice Pokemon that can battle against a variety of opponents. With the right move set and careful strategy, Machamp can be a valuable addition to your trainer’s lineup.

2. Heracross

Heracross effective against dark pokemon
Heracross effective against dark pokemon
  • Heracross is a Bug/Fighting-type Pokemon with high Attack and Defense stats.
  • Its Bug-type moves, like Megahorn and Bug Bite, deal double damage to Dark-type Pokemon.
High attack and defense statsWeakness to flying, fire, and psychic types
Powerful bug and fighting type moves like Close Combat and MegahornLimited access due to regional availability
Immune to ground type attacksRequires a lot of candy and stardust to power up
Resistant to fighting and grass typesLimited options for movesets
Unique combination of bug and fighting typesCan struggle against bulky defenders

3. Gardevoir

Gardevoir with details
Gardevoir with details
  • Gardevoir is a Fairy/Psychic-type Pokemon with high Special Attack and Special Defense stats.
  • Its Fairy-type moves, like Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam, deal super effective damage to Dark-type Pokemon.

Have you managed to catch a Gardevoir yet?

You’re missing out if you don’t!

Its body is white and green, with a long, flowing dress-like skirt and delicate arms. This Pokemon is graceful and lovely. It is a Pokemon of the psychic and fairy types, which makes it distinct and adaptable in conflict.

When it comes to abilities, Gardevoir has strong psychic and fairy-type techniques like Psychic and Moonblast. Additionally, it is resistant to dragon-type attacks, which is useful in combat.

Gardevoir has several flaws that you need to remember. Be sure to plan your attack accordingly because it is vulnerable to poison and steel. Additionally, due to its weak physical protection, it is not the ideal option for physical assaults.

He is also capable of a range of attacks. Its fairy-type moves are Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast, while its psychic-type moves include Psychic and Future Sight. Additionally, it is capable of learning several grass and ghost-type moves, like as Energy Ball and Shadow Ball.

Gardevoir is a great complement to any Pokemon Go squad overall. It is certain to dazzle in combat thanks to its stunning appearance and strong maneuvers.

Strong Special AttackerWeak to Ghost, Steel, and Poison types
Can learn a variety of moves including Fairy, Psychic, and GhostLow Defense and Stamina
Can be used in both offense and defense rolesLimited use against some types due to its movepool
Immune to Dragon type movesVulnerable to Dark and Bug types
Has a Mega Evolution that further boosts its stats and typingMega Evolution is only temporary
Can provide support to teammates with moves like Charm and Will-O-WispLimited availability. Can only be obtained through evolution or special events


Every Pokemon trainer needs to know how to battle against Dark types effectively. You have to properly choose your pokemons to defeat your enemies.

This can be sometimes tricky so I’ve made a quick table with all the details:

Attack TypeEffectiveness against Dark Pokémon
FightingSuper Effective
BugSuper Effective
FairySuper Effective
GroundNot Very Effective
GhostNot Very Effective
PsychicNot Very Effective
DarkNot Very Effective
SteelNot Very Effective

Note: “Super Effective” means the attack deals double damage against the Dark-type Pokémon. “Not Very Effective” means the attack deals half damage.

Here is a quick summary to help you get ready for your next battle with dark-type Pokemon.

1. Know Your Type Match-Ups
When facing dark-type Pokemon, it’s important to understand which types are strong against them. Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type moves are all super effective against Dark types. Be sure to have at least one of these types on your team.

2. Use Powerful Moves
In addition to having the right type of match-ups, it’s also important to use moves that are strong against Dark types. Moves like Close Combat, X-Scissor, and Moonblast are all great options to consider.

3. Bring a Strong Psychic-Type
Psychic-type Pokemon are immune to dark-type moves, making them a great choice to have on your team. Pokemons like Alakazam, Espeon, and Gardevoir are all strong psychic types that can help you in battles against Dark types.

4. Consider Using Steel-Types
Steel-type Pokemon are also a good option when battling against Dark types. They are resistant to Dark type moves and can also deal super effective damage with moves like Flash Cannon and Meteor Mash.

5. Take Advantage of Intimidate
Many Dark-type Pokemon have the ability Intimidate, which lowers the attack stat of opposing Pokemon. Consider using a Pokemon with the ability Clear Body or Hyper Cutter to prevent your attack stat from being lowered.

6. Beware of Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch is a Dark-type move that allows attacking first if the opponent is about to use an attacking move.

7. Watch Out for Pursuit
Another tricky move commonly used by Dark types is Pursuit. This move deals double damage if the opponent is switching out of battle this move.

8. Use Status Moves
While Dark types are immune to moves that cause flinching, they can still be affected by other status moves like Toxic and Will-O-Wisp. Consider using these types of activities to wear down your opponent.

9. Don’t Forget About Z-Moves
Z-Moves can be a game-changer in battles against Dark types. Moves like All-Out Pummeling and Twinkle Tackle can deal massive damage and potentially take out your opponent in one hit.

10. Stay Alert
Finally, always be aware of what moves your opponent’s Pokemon know and try to anticipate their next move.

As you fighting dark-type Pokemons is not as easy as it looks. You need to have the right Pokemon and use their attacks properly to win.


What types of attacks are effective against Dark-type Pokemon?

Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type attacks are the most effective against Dark-type Pokemon.

What are some examples of Dark-type Pokemon?

Umbreon, Absol, and Tyranitar are Dark-type Pokemons.

What are some weaknesses of Dark-type Pokemon?

Dark-type Pokemon are weak against Fighting, Bug, and Fairy type attacks. They are also vulnerable to their own type.

What are some strengths of Dark-type Pokemon?

Dark-type Pokemon are immune to Psychic-type attacks and are resistant to Ghost-type attacks. They also have a variety of powerful moves and can be difficult to predict in battle.

How can I best prepare for battles against Dark-type Pokemon?

You need to have a well-rounded team with a variety of types and attacks. You also need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Dark-type Pokemon. This can help you develop effective strategies in battle.