Welcome to the enthralling realm of XL Candy in Pokemon Go, where you can supercharge your Pokemon’s capabilities and elevate your gaming experience to unprecedented heights. In this inaugural chapter, we will embark on a journey to comprehend the profound significance of XL Candy and how it metamorphoses your cherished Pokemon into formidable champions.

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What is Pokemon XL Candy?

XL Candy, an abbreviation for Extra Large Candy, is a specialized resource introduced in Pokemon Go to elevate your Pokemon’s prowess to uncharted heights. It plays a pivotal role in the post-level 40 leveling system, enabling your Pokemon to attain level 50, a feat previously deemed unattainable. XL Candy serves as a testament to the game’s commitment to continuous evolution and enhancement.

This distinct variety of candy is species-specific, signifying its tailored nature for a particular Pokemon species. For instance, to augment a Charizard’s CP beyond level 40, Charizard XL Candy is indispensable. XL Candy functions as a bridge connecting the traditional leveling system to the expanded capabilities ushered in by the Go Beyond update.

The Evolution of XL Candy

XL Candy represents a momentous evolution in how trainers nurture their Pokemon. Previously, the zenith attainable level was 40, necessitating substantial investments in Stardust and regular candy. However, with the advent of XL Candy, the level cap was extended to 50.

The transition from level 40 to level 50 is where XL Candy assumes paramount significance. Each level elevation demands a specific quantity of XL Candy, rendering it a valuable and sought-after resource. This evolution in the leveling system infuses depth into the game, presenting dedicated trainers with fresh challenges and opportunities.

 XL Candy vs. Regular Candy: Key Differences

My rare and XL Candy
My rare and XL Candy

XL Candy shares resemblances with regular candy but possesses distinct attributes that differentiate it. A comprehension of these disparities is pivotal for trainers aspiring to optimize their Pokemon’s performance.

  1. Species-Specific. XL Candy is exclusive to individual Pokemon species, while regular candy exhibits a broader scope, applicable to diverse species within an evolutionary family.
  2. Level Cap. Regular candy facilitates powering up your Pokemon to level 40, whereas XL Candy extends this cap to level 50. XL Candy unlocks the potential for heightened CP and combat efficacy.
  3. Strategic Importance. Owing to its species-specific nature and limited avenues of acquisition, XL Candy mandates judicious consideration. Trainers must formulate strategies for allocating their XL Candy to attain optimal outcomes.
  4. Resource Acquisition. Regular candy can be procured through diverse means, such as capturing, transferring, or walking with your companion. In contrast, XL Candy adheres to specific acquisition methodologies that we shall explore in subsequent chapters.

Understanding the Significance of XL Candy

XL Candy transcends the realm of mere in-game resources; it is the key to unlocking the genuine potential of your Pokemon. Unlike conventional candy, XL Candy empowers you to propel your Pokemon’s CP (Combat Power) past their initial thresholds, all the way to level 50. This remarkable feature made its debut with the Go Beyond update, expanding the horizons of Pokemon Go trainers.

The true significance of XL Candy becomes glaringly apparent during competitive battles, particularly in the Master League. Possessing XL Candy at your disposal can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. It furnishes a distinctive advantage by augmenting your Pokemon’s statistics beyond what was once attainable.

What to do with XL Candy?

XL Candy is a game-altering element in the realm of Pokemon Go. It has redefined the process of leveling up and unlocked novel possibilities for trainers. Here is how XL Candy metamorphoses your Pokemon:

  1. Increased CP Cap. In the past, reaching level 40 stood as the pinnacle for Pokemon trainers. However, with XL Candy, this cap has been elevated to level 50. This signifies that you can further amplify your Pokemon’s prowess, making them even more formidable.
  2. Species-Specific Candy. Analogous to regular candy and Mega Energy, XL Candy is unique to each Pokemon species. To enhance a particular Pokemon, you must possess XL Candy tailored to that specific species. For instance, to elevate your Charizard beyond level 40, you necessitate Charizard XL Candy.
  3. Enhanced Battle Performance. XL Candy not only boosts CP but also enhances your Pokemon’s overall performance in battles. It bestows upon you an edge over adversaries in Gym battles, raids, and PvP matches.
  4. Strategic Advantages. XL Candy introduces strategic intricacy to the game. Trainers must judiciously decide which Pokemon merit their investment of XL Candy. It extends beyond mere possession; it revolves around tactical deployment to construct a triumphant team.
  5. Challenges and Rewards. Attaining XL Candy presents a gratifying challenge. It motivates trainers to partake in various facets of the game, ranging from capturing Pokemon to hatching eggs and engaging in raids. The pursuit of XL Candy imparts excitement to your Pokemon Go odyssey.

Obtaining XL Candy

In the pursuit of maximizing your Pokemon’s potential, a critical aspect is acquiring XL Candy. This chapter is dedicated to exploring the various methods and strategies to obtain this invaluable resource. Whether you’re capturing Pokemon, engaging in raids, or hatching eggs, understanding these methods is pivotal for amassing a substantial collection of XL Candy.

Catching Unevolved Pokemon

One of the primary methods to acquire XL Candy is by capturing unevolved Pokemon. When you capture Pokemon in their basic, unevolved forms, you have the chance to receive XL Candy. The number of XL Candy you obtain may vary, but typically ranges from one to three XL Candy per catch.

This method incentivizes trainers to continue exploring and capturing Pokemon, even those in their earlier evolutionary stages. It’s a rewarding experience that contributes not only to your XL Candy count but also to your Pokedex completion.

Catching Evolved, Legendary, or Mythical Pokemon

For trainers seeking a more substantial yield of XL Candy, focusing on evolved, legendary, or mythical Pokemon is a strategic choice. Capturing these evolved or rare Pokemon grants you a higher rate of XL Candy compared to their unevolved counterparts.

When capturing evolved Pokemon, you can expect to receive at least two XL Candy per catch. In the case of legendary and mythical Pokemon, the reward increases to a minimum of three XL Candy, making them valuable targets for XL Candy accumulation.

Raid Bosses and XL Candy

Participating in raid battles can also lead to XL Candy rewards. Raid bosses, especially in higher-level raids, have the potential to drop XL Candy as a reward for your efforts. This makes raids a viable option for trainers looking to bolster their XL Candy reserves.

Keep in mind that the likelihood of receiving XL Candy from raid bosses may vary depending on the raid’s difficulty level and the type of raid you engage in. It’s worth considering raid battles as an additional means of XL Candy acquisition, especially during events that feature boosted raid rewards.

Trading for XL Candy

Another avenue to explore is trading for XL Candy. Engaging in trades with other trainers can provide both parties with the opportunity to obtain XL Candy. When you perform a trade, there’s a random possibility of receiving XL Candy as a bonus.

Trading can be a collaborative effort among friends or a strategic move to diversify your Pokemon collection. While the XL Candy acquired through trading may not always be substantial, it adds another layer of depth to the trading aspect of the game.

Hatching Eggs for XL Candy

If you’re an enthusiastic collector of Pokemon eggs, hatching them can lead to XL Candy rewards. Eggs obtained from PokeStops and gifts have the potential to yield XL Candy, among other valuable resources.

The longer the distance required to hatch the egg, the greater the chances of receiving XL Candy. Consider focusing on hatching 10-kilometer eggs to maximize your XL Candy rewards. This method combines exploration with resource accumulation, making it a rewarding experience.

Transferring Pokemon for XL Candy

Transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow can also yield XL Candy. When you transfer Pokemon, you have a chance to receive one XL Candy as a reward. While this method may not be the most efficient, it’s an option for trainers looking to clear space in their storage while earning XL Candy.

Buddy System: A Source of XL Candy

Your Buddy Pokemon can be more than just loyal companions; they can also assist you in collecting XL Candy. By walking with your Buddy Pokemon, you can earn XL Candy for that specific species. The distance you need to walk varies depending on the rarity of the Pokemon.

Strategically utilizing the Buddy System can result in a steady stream of XL Candy for your chosen Pokemon. Consider assigning your Buddy Pokemon based on your XL Candy goals.

Converting Regular Candy to XL Candy

For trainers with an excess of regular candy, there’s an option to convert it into XL Candy. While this conversion may not be the most efficient use of resources, it can be a viable solution for those who have accumulated an abundance of regular candy.

To convert regular candy into XL Candy, you’ll need a substantial amount of regular candy. It’s a method best reserved for situations where you have an excess of regular candy for a specific Pokemon and wish to expedite the XL Candy acquisition process.

Strategies for Quick XL Candy Accumulation

To accumulate XL Candy efficiently, consider implementing the following strategies:

Focus on Catch Bonuses

Maximizing your catch bonuses is essential. Ensure that you use berries, throw curveballs, and aim for Excellent throws to increase your chances of receiving XL Candy with each catch. Additionally, using a Pokemon with the “XL Candy” catch bonus will further boost your XL Candy yield.

Target Specific Pokemon

Certain Pokemon species are more likely to yield XL Candy. Identify which ones you need and concentrate your efforts on capturing them. Research and community reports can provide valuable insights into the best locations and times to find these specific Pokemon.

Engage in Spotlight Hours

Participating in Spotlight Hours, which feature increased spawns of a particular Pokemon, can be highly advantageous. Take advantage of these events to catch large quantities of a specific Pokemon, increasing your chances of obtaining XL Candy.

Utilize Incense and Lures

Incense and Lure Modules can attract more Pokemon to your location. By using these items strategically, you can increase your catch rate and, subsequently, your XL Candy collection.

Participate in Special Events

Keep an eye on in-game events and promotions that offer XL Candy as rewards or bonuses. These events often provide opportunities for XL Candy accumulation that are not available during regular gameplay.

Events and Promotions for XL Candy Boost

In the world of Pokemon Go, events and promotions frequently offer XL Candy as a reward. Stay informed about upcoming events, such as Community Days, Go Fest, or themed events, as they often include XL Candy bonuses.

During events, the chances of encountering XL Candy-eligible Pokemon increase, and special research tasks may also reward XL Candy. These limited-time opportunities can significantly boost your XL Candy collection, so plan your gameplay around them.

Efficient Use of XL Candy

While accumulating XL Candy is crucial, it’s equally important to use it wisely. Prioritize powering up Pokemon that will have the most impact on your battles and raids. Assess your Pokemon’s potential in terms of CP and performance in different formats, such as PvP or raid battles.

Consider investing XL Candy in Pokemon with high IV (Individual Values) to maximize their potential. Additionally, keep an eye on movesets and ensure that your powered-up Pokemon has the most effective moves for their intended use.

How to use XL candy in Pokemon Go?

Powering Up with XL Candy

The primary purpose of XL Candy is to power up your Pokemon beyond level 40. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Gather XL Candy. Accumulate a substantial amount of XL Candy for the Pokemon you wish to power up. The higher the level you want to reach, the more XL Candy you’ll need.
  2. Use Stardust. Along with XL Candy, you’ll require Stardust to power up your Pokemon. Ensure you have an ample supply of both resources.
  3. Access the Pokemon’s Info. Navigate to the Pokemon’s info page in your Pokemon Storage.
  4. Power Up. If you have sufficient XL Candy and Stardust, you’ll see the option to power up your Pokemon. This will increase its level and overall stats.

Advantages of High-Level Pokemon

Having a team of high-level Pokemon offers numerous advantages:

  • Increased CP (Combat Power). High-level Pokemon have higher CP, making them formidable in battles.
  • Improved Stamina. High-level Pokemon can endure more attacks in raids and Gym battles.
  • Enhanced Performance in PvP. Your Pokemon will have an edge in Trainer Battles, thanks to their increased levels and stats.
  • Prestigious Titles. Achieve the title of “Best Buddy” with your Pokemon, showcasing your dedication and skill in Pokemon GO.

The XL Candy Requirements for Leveling Up

Leveling up your Pokemon using XL Candy is a gradual process, and the amount of XL Candy required varies with each level. Here’s a breakdown of the XL Candy needed for each level:

  • Level 41 to 42: 100 XL Candy
  • Level 42 to 43: 125 XL Candy
  • Level 43 to 44: 150 XL Candy
  • Level 44 to 45: 175 XL Candy
  • Level 45 to 46: 200 XL Candy
  • Level 46 to 47: 225 XL Candy
  • Level 47 to 48: 250 XL Candy
  • Level 48 to 49: 275 XL Candy
  • Level 49 to 50: 300 XL Candy

This progression highlights the increasing demand for XL Candy as you aim to reach higher levels. It’s crucial to plan your XL Candy collection and usage strategically, especially when attempting to level up beyond level 40.

Exceptions: Shadow and Purified Pokemon

When dealing with Shadow and Purified Pokemon, the XL Candy requirements differ from standard Pokemon. For these special categories, the following applies:

  • Level 40 to 41: 15 XL Candy for Shadow and Purified Pokemon

This exception emphasizes the reduced XL Candy requirement when powering up Shadow and Purified Pokemon from level 40 to 41. Keep this in mind if you have these unique Pokemon in your collection.

Balancing Stardust Costs

In addition to XL Candy, Stardust plays a crucial role in powering up your Pokemon. As you level up using XL Candy, the Stardust cost also increases. It’s essential to strike a balance between XL Candy and Stardust to optimize your Pokemon’s growth.

Consider the following tips:

  • Prioritize powering up Pokemon that will have a significant impact on your battles or raid teams.
  • Evaluate the availability of XL Candy for specific Pokemon species before investing in Stardust.
  • Utilize Stardust sparingly, especially for lower-impact Pokemon, to ensure you have resources for your top-tier Pokemon.

Balancing XL Candy and Stardust costs is vital to avoid resource shortages and maximize your Pokemon’s potential.

Strategic XL Candy Utilization

To become a true master of XL Candy, follow these steps:

Step 1: Accumulate Wisely

Efficiently gather XL Candy through various methods, including catching evolved Pokemon, participating in raids, utilizing the Buddy System, and converting regular candy. Remember to target specific Pokemon species and make the most of in-game events.

Step 2: Strategize Your Power-Ups

Prioritize the Pokemon that will have the most impact on your gameplay. Maximize the potential of your XL Candy by choosing Pokemon strategically and considering their effectiveness in battles. Take note of the XL Candy requirements for leveling up and plan your journey accordingly.

Step 3: Stay Informed

Keep an eye on events and promotions that offer XL Candy boosts. Timely participation in such events can significantly accelerate your progress. Stay engaged with the Pokemon Go community to exchange tips and strategies for XL Candy accumulation.

Step 4: Balance Resources

Maintain a harmonious balance between XL Candy and Stardust expenditure. Avoid overspending on less crucial Pokemon and ensure you have enough resources for your top-tier Pokemon. Strategic resource management is key to your success.

Step 5: Aim for the Top

Set your sights on reaching level 50 and beyond. Understand the XL Candy requirements for each level and plan your journey accordingly. Be patient and persistent as you work towards achieving your goals.

By following these steps and applying the knowledge gained throughout this guide, you are well on your way to mastering XL Candy.


XL Candy is a game-changer in Pokemon Go, offering trainers the opportunity to elevate their Pokemon to new heights. With dedication, strategy, and a clear path to progression, you can unlock the full potential of your Pokemon and stand among the elite trainers. Your journey starts now, so go forth and become a true master of XL Candy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert XL candy to regular candy in Pokemon GO?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there is no direct method to convert XL candy into regular candy in the game.

What is the purpose of XL candy in Pokemon GO?

XL candy is specific to a particular species of Pokemon and is used to boost their stats beyond the usual limits, making them more powerful in battles and raids.

How can I obtain regular candy in Pokemon GO?

Regular candy can be obtained through various means, including catching Pokemon, transferring Pokemon to the Professor, walking with a buddy Pokemon, and participating in raids.

Is there a possibility of Niantic introducing a way to convert XL candy to regular candy in the future?

While there are no guarantees, Niantic has a history of responding to player feedback and making updates to the game. Trainers are encouraged to provide feedback to express their desire for such a feature.

What should trainers do if they want to see the conversion of XL candy into regular candy in Pokemon GO?

Trainers who wish for this feature should continue providing feedback to Niantic through official channels and actively engage with the Pokemon GO community to advocate for their preferences.