If you are wondering how to make a Pokemon your best buddy, then you are in the right place.

To achieve Best Buddy status in Pokémon Go, select a Pokémon as your Buddy and earn hearts by interacting with it daily. Walk the required distance, feed it, take snapshots, battle together, and prioritize your Buddy for maximum affection. Once you reach the Best Buddy level, you’ll enjoy various in-game bonuses and rewards.

Dive into the enchanting universe of Pokemon Go, where Buddy Pokemon stand as pivotal allies, elevating the thrill and depth of your trainer’s quest. These adorable and dependable sidekicks do more than just melt hearts; they are instrumental in shaping your path through the game.

Let’s peel back the layers to uncover the essence of Buddy Pokemon, highlighting their critical role and how they amplify your gaming saga.

What Defines a Buddy Pokemon?

In essence, a Buddy Pokemon is your chosen companion in the Pokemon Go realm, venturing alongside you as you traverse this vibrant world. Visible beside you on the digital map, this Pokemon offers more than mere companionship; it engages with you, fostering a bond that transcends the virtual landscape.

It’s a steadfast digital pal, there to bolster your adventures.

The Value of Friendship

The foremost advantage of aligning with a Buddy Pokemon lies in the accumulation of Buddy Candy. By covering specific distances together, you unlock this precious currency, crucial for the evolution and enhancement of your Pokemon. Opting for the right Buddy can be a strategic move, especially for acquiring candies of those elusive or potent Pokemon, setting the stage for significant game progression.

Special bonuses are another perk your Buddy Pokemon offers. From boosting your chances of stumbling upon gifts and souvenirs to slashing the distances needed for hatching eggs, these benefits streamline and enrich your gameplay, adding layers of efficiency and fun.

Cultivating a deep bond with your Buddy Pokemon offers emotional fulfillment. Through interactive feeding, playful engagement, and capturing moments together, you can elevate your Buddy’s affection level.

Achieving the status of Best Buddy not only cements this bond but unlocks exclusive in-game advantages, enhancing your strategic edge.

Selecting Your Ideal Buddy

The choice of your Buddy Pokemon is a strategic decision that hinges on your individual objectives, play style, and the rarity of the Pokemon. Whether your aim is to evolve a particular Pokemon, amass candies for a formidable ally, or simply bask in the presence of a favored Pokemon, selecting an appropriate Buddy is paramount. Each choice tailors your journey, making it uniquely yours.

How a Pokemon Becomes Your Best Buddy: A Guide to Interaction

My Best Buddy Typhlosion
My Best Buddy Typhlosion

With a grasp on the pivotal role Buddy Pokemon play in enriching your Pokemon Go journey, let’s explore the myriad of ways to engage with them, enhancing both their happiness and utility. The following insights will guide you through various interactions to maximize the advantages your Buddy Pokemon offers.

Nurturing Through Movement

Buddy Candies are up for grabs when you walk set distances with your chosen Pokemon. These distances vary across Pokemon species, underscoring the importance of keeping your Buddy active during your explorations. This ensures a steady influx of candies crucial for their growth.

Sustenance and Satisfaction

Nourishing your Buddy with berries not only boosts its morale but also increases its efficiency in scouting gifts and souvenirs. A content Buddy is more than just a companion; it’s a treasure trove of benefits waiting to be unlocked.

Joyful Engagement

Engaging your Buddy in playful activities by simply tapping on it and participating in interactive games strengthens your bond, unlocking affection hearts. These moments of joy contribute significantly to the depth of your relationship.

Capturing Moments

Immortalize your journey with your Buddy by capturing snapshots in various settings. These snapshots are not just mementos but also a way to bolster your Buddy’s affection towards you, enriching the shared experience.

Comrades in Combat

Amplify your Buddy’s potential by involving them in battles across the spectrum—be it Gym Battles, confronting Team Rocket, or Trainer Battles. This not only showcases their prowess but also cements your partnership in the quest for supremacy.

Ascending to Best Buddy Status

Interacting consistently across activities like walking, feeding, playing, battling, and snapshot-taking elevates your friendship levels from Good Buddy to Best Buddy. Each tier unlocks unique rewards and bonuses, such as diminished walking requirements for Buddy Candy and a distinguished appearance on your Trainer profile.

Earning numerous hearts across different activities is crucial for attaining the esteemed Best Buddy status. Regular and varied interactions with your Buddy are the keys to unlocking this pinnacle of friendship, offering both strategic advantages and a deeper connection with your Pokemon.

Leveraging Buddy Pokemon for Swift Evolution

A pivotal benefit of forging a partnership with a Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon Go is the expedited path to evolution. This aspect is particularly vital for Pokemon requiring a hefty candy count to evolve, where your Buddy emerges as an indispensable ally in the quest for candy collection.

Candy Collection Through Companionship

By designating a Pokemon as your Buddy, you embark on a journey together that yields Buddy Candy with each step. This mechanic is invaluable for evolving Pokemon with demanding candy requirements, including those undergoing multiple-stage evolutions. For example, evolving a Charmander into a Charizard necessitates a considerable stash of Charmander candies, a feat made feasible by nominating Charmander as your Buddy and covering the necessary distances together.

Unique Evolutionary Journeys

The evolution journey for certain Pokemon intertwines with Buddy’s interactions in unique ways. Take Eevee’s evolution into Espeon or Umbreon as a case in point; achieving this transformation requires the accrual of two Buddy Hearts during the day or night, with Eevee as your active Buddy, highlighting the intertwined fate of evolution and companionship.

Strategically selecting your Buddy Pokemon with an eye on your evolutionary aspirations can dramatically streamline your progress, ushering you closer to acquiring formidable and elusive Pokemon.

Buddy Pokemon: The Heart of Special Events

Pokemon Go’s vibrant world is punctuated with special events and themed celebrations that spotlight Buddy Pokemon, creating windows of opportunity to advance your Buddy’s growth and candy acquisition.

Special Events: A Catalyst for Progress

During these specially themed occasions, certain Pokemon are more likely to surface as potential Buddies, often accompanied by boosts in Buddy Candy acquisition for walking. These events serve as prime moments to fast-track your Buddy’s evolution and candy collection.

Beyond the candy surge, special events may unveil unique Buddy Pokemon variants, donning exclusive costumes or showcasing special abilities. Engaging in these events not only enriches your game experience with fun and novelty but also rewards you with exclusive perks and encounters.

Unlocking New Forms Through Buddy Interactions

Buddy Pokemon not only serve as companions on your quest for candy but also play a pivotal role in the evolution of certain Pokemon through unique interactions. This added layer of engagement offers a rewarding twist to the Buddy system, enriching the overall experience.

Special Evolutionary Pathways

Eevee stands out as a particularly intriguing example of evolution via Buddy interaction. To guide Eevee into one of its many evolutionary forms—such as Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, or Umbreon—specific conditions must be met. By assigning Eevee as your Buddy and fostering two Buddy Hearts, you can influence its evolution into Espeon during daylight or Umbreon during the night, offering a tailored evolutionary strategy.

Additionally, certain Pokemon may don special forms or costumes as Buddies. While these aesthetic variations don’t alter gameplay mechanics, they add a touch of personality and fun, allowing Trainers to showcase their Pokemon in unique styles during events or promotions.

Keep an eye on events or specific research tasks that necessitate a particular Buddy Pokemon for evolution. For example, evolving Feebas into Milotic may require it to be your Buddy for a certain distance. These scenarios provide unique opportunities to enrich your Pokemon roster.

By leveraging these special evolution methods linked to Buddy interactions, Trainers can navigate their evolutionary objectives with greater control and enjoyment.

Beyond Candy Collection

Me Walking with my Buddy - just got a heart :)
Me Walking with my Buddy – just got a heart 🙂

The Buddy Pokemon system extends its benefits far beyond the realm of candy collection, offering a variety of perks that enhance the gameplay experience.

Immersive Photographic Encounters

Your Buddy Pokemon not only accompanies you on adventures but also stars in photographic moments through AR features and snapshots. These interactions offer a delightful way to document your journey, creating shareable and memorable experiences with your Pokemon companions.

Facilitating Mega Evolution

Certain Mega Evolutions require the partnership of a specific Buddy Pokemon. By aligning with the right Buddy, you contribute to Mega Energy accumulation, unlocking the potential to engage in Mega Evolution battles and raids, adding a layer of strategy to your gameplay.

Exploring Nests and Event Dynamics

Events and specific locales may boost the appearance rates of Buddy Pokemon, simplifying the task of finding and focusing on particular species. Pokemon nests, known for their consistent Pokemon spawns, can be strategic spots for Trainers looking to advance their Buddy progress for selected species.

Deepening Bonds: Elevating Your Experience

Cultivating a profound connection with your Buddy Pokemon transcends the tangible benefits, nurturing a sense of camaraderie and enhancing the enjoyment of Pokemon Go. Here’s how to enrich your interactions and bond:

Joyful Interactions and Care

Initiating play by tapping on your Buddy sparks delightful interactions. Watch them show excitement, perform amusing tricks, or even mimic your gestures. These interactions are not just charming but pivotal in boosting your Buddy’s affection for you.

Consistently feed your Buddy with berries to keep their spirits high and strengthen your bond. Regular care ensures your Buddy stays engaged and accelerates the journey to higher Buddy Levels.

Pokemon Go offers the option to adorn your Buddy with adorable accessories, allowing for a personalized touch that makes your Buddy stand out and feel even closer to you.

Each action, from playing to snapshot-taking, is a step towards enhancing your Buddy’s affection, paving the way to achieving Best Buddy status more efficiently.

Insider Tips for Buddy Mastery

To maximize the benefits of your Buddy Pokemon, consider these strategies:

  • Efficient Candy Collection: Prioritize Pokemon with lower walking distance requirements for candy collection. This approach enables you to gather Buddy Candy more swiftly, advancing your objectives with greater speed.
  • Event Synchronization: Keep an eye out for events that boost Buddy benefits, such as enhanced candy rates or accelerated Buddy Level advancements. Capitalizing on these opportunities can significantly speed up your progress.
  • Shiny Hunting with Buddies: For those with a keen eye for Shinies, selecting a Shiny-eligible Pokemon as your Buddy might increase your chances of finding that coveted Shiny variant, especially during events that enhance Shiny rates for Buddies.

Implementing these strategies can significantly enhance your Buddy Pokemon experience, allowing for a more fruitful and enjoyable journey in Pokemon Go.

Monitoring Your Buddy’s Journey

To effectively track your Buddy’s development and gauge the proximity to Best Buddy status, frequent the Buddy screen. This hub provides comprehensive stats, including hearts earned across various activities, total distance walked together, and current Buddy Level. Regularly consulting this dashboard enables strategic planning of your interactions, ensuring your efforts are as productive as possible.

Tapping Into the Heart of the Community

The Pokemon Go community, brimming with dedicated Trainers and enthusiasts, is a treasure trove of insights and strategies for optimizing Buddy Pokemon interactions. By delving into the collective wisdom and shared experiences, you can uncover actionable tactics to enhance your gameplay.

Trainer Tales and Successes

Stories of triumph and ingenious Buddy strategies surface frequently on social media and forums, offering a glimpse into effective practices. From selecting the perfect Buddy to maximizing candy gains and engaging interactions, these narratives serve as a guide for both new and seasoned Trainers.

Expert Insights and Pro Tips

Professional players and content creators dissect Buddy Pokemon mechanics, offering a wealth of knowledge on strategic Buddy selections, ideal walking paths, and tips for accruing Buddy Hearts. Their expertise can illuminate paths to efficiency and success.

Community-Driven Advice

Engaging with local or online Pokemon Go communities opens doors to a repository of advice, event updates, and peer support. This collaborative environment fosters learning and mutual growth, enhancing the Buddy Pokemon experience.

Connecting with the broader Pokemon Go community ensures you remain at the forefront of evolving strategies and innovative approaches to Buddy Pokemon, enriching your gaming experience.

Navigating Buddy Challenges

Despite the joys Buddy Pokemon brings, you might encounter glitches or issues. Here’s how to tackle common setbacks:

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

If Buddy interactions glitch or fail to register, simple fixes like restarting the app, checking your internet connection or clearing the app’s cache often remedy the situation.

A missing Buddy Pokemon, typically the result of a glitch or server hiccup, can usually be resolved by reaching out to Pokemon Go support for assistance.

Should Buddy’s progress appear delayed, a quick app restart, a brief walk, or swapping your Buddy momentarily can help re-establish accurate progress tracking.

Patience and proactive troubleshooting are key to maintaining a seamless and enjoyable Buddy Pokemon partnership.

Conclusion: The Heart of the Buddy System

The multifaceted Buddy Pokemon feature in Pokemon Go is not just about gameplay mechanics but also about building connections—both with your Pokemon and the vibrant Trainer community.

By leveraging community insights, adopting shared strategies, and efficiently addressing issues, you can unlock the full potential of your Buddy Pokemon, making every adventure more rewarding and enjoyable.